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Faster Recovery Time With ‘ROSS’: A Cardiac Miracle?

Cardiac surgery is one of the most complex medical procedures available today and the recovery process can be long and arduous for patients. Fortunately, a revolutionary new technology called "ROSS" promises to reduce recovery time for cardiac patients significantly. This article will explore the potential of ROSS to revolutionize cardiac surgery and provide greater comfort and quicker recovery times for those who need it.

What is ROSS Heart Surgery?

ROSS heart surgery is a new, minimally invasive technique used to treat atrial fibrillation (AF). It is one of the latest advancements in modern medicine and could potentially be life-changing for those suffering from this common heart condition. Developed by Dr. David R. Ross, this revolutionary procedure offers patients an alternative way to treat AF without the need for open-heart surgery or catheter ablation.

This groundbreaking technique has been used on hundreds of patients with successful results, providing relief from symptoms such as chest pain, palpitations and fatigue. In some cases, ROSS heart surgery can even reduce or eliminate the need for medications to manage AF symptoms while also improving quality of life. The procedure involves inserting tiny devices into the left atrium of the heart that are capable of delivering targeted energy waves to disrupt aberrant electrical signals causing AF episodes.


The Ross procedure is a unique type of aortic valve repair that has advantages over both surgical replacement and transcatheter valve implantation. It is particularly beneficial for younger patients who require an aortic valve replacement, as it allows them to keep their own native tissue. The procedure involves replacing the diseased aortic valve with an autograft taken from the patient’s own pulmonary artery and replacing the pulmonary artery with a donor graft. The process is complex, but it can result in long-term durability and good patient outcomes.

The surgery begins with the removal of the diseased aortic valve and its annulus, followed by a transection of both sino-tubular junction cusps of the autograft.

Benefits of ROSS

ROSS heart surgery is a revolutionary procedure that has helped countless patients with valve repair. This innovative surgical technique offers numerous benefits to those who struggle with this condition.

The ROSS procedure is minimally invasive, meaning that patients can experience less post-operative pain and shorter recovery times than if they had traditional open heart surgery. In addition, the ROSS procedure is cost effective in comparison to other treatments and it helps reduce the risk of infection or stroke due to its low-trauma nature. With this type of surgery, there is also a reduced chance of developing bleeding complications or recurrent valve problems in comparison to standard open heart operations.

Patients who undergo ROSS heart surgery have reported improved quality of life after their operation due to restored mobility and better cardiac functioning.

Cost of ROSS heart surgery in India for valve repair

The cost of ROSS heart surgery in India for valve repair is very affordable compared to other countries. This type of heart procedure, formally known as a Ross Procedure, involves replacing the patient’s aortic valve with their own pulmonary valve and then replacing the pulmonary valve with an artificial one. The cost for this process can range Starting at $9,000 in India which is much less than what it would cost in other developed countries.

In conclusion, ROSS heart surgery for valve repair in India is a viable and cost-effective option for patients looking to undergo the procedure. It offers shorter waiting times and lower costs than many other countries, making it attractive to those in need of a successful yet affordable operation. The positive outcomes of numerous ROSS surgeries performed in India has made this country the top destination for a successful valve repair procedure.

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