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Liver transplant: What is it?

A liver transplant is a surgery where a healthy liver from a living or deceased individual is used to replace a damaged liver. During this surgery either your entire liver or just a portion of it can be transplanted. The majority of the time, a healthy liver is donated by a deceased donor. Occasionally, a healthy person will donate a portion of their liver. A family member of yours or even a stranger with a compatible blood type who is not related to you can be a living donor. When a portion of the liver is donated, the donor can still live a healthy life with the liver that is left. Liver is the one organ in the body that can regenerate lost or injured tissues. After surgery, the donor’s liver will soon grow back to its usual size. In a few weeks, the portion that you receive as a new liver will also grow to normal size.

Liver transplant: Why is it done?

You may require a liver transplant if your liver no longer functions properly, as you can’t live without a working liver. An individual needs a liver transplant if they are suffering from one of the following conditions:
  • End-stage liver disease
  • Untreatable liver cirrhosis
  • Severe liver malfunction
  • Irreversible liver failure
  • Chronic liver disease that does not improve with other treatments
  • Liver cancer that has not spread to the surrounding tissues and blood vessels

Liver transplant: What are its types?

Based on the needs of the recipient, there are primarily three methods for doing a liver transplant procedure. They are:
  • Deceased donor liver transplant: It is also known as a “cadaver liver transplant” since it involves the transplantation of a liver that has been removed from a recently deceased person.
  • Living donor liver transplant: It involves the removal of a liver piece from a living donor. This is because the liver is the only regenerable organ in the human body. Both the transplanted organ and the residual portion of the donor’s liver regenerate into a normal-sized, healthy liver that is fully functional.
  • Split liver transplantation: It involves removing the liver from a recently deceased person, splitting it into two pieces, and then transplanting each piece into a separate person, where it grows back to its normal size.

Liver transplant: How are donor livers matched with the recipients?

The waiting list for liver transplants is not only sorted by need. Moreover, it is sorted by:
  • Blood type
  • Body size
  • Geography
If your blood types are compatible, it helps keep your body from rejecting the donor liver. It is more likely that your new liver will be the right size for your body if you and the donor have similar body sizes. Also, living close by makes it more likely that your donor liver will be delivered to you within eight to nine hours, while it is still viable.

Liver transplant: How much liver is needed for a transplant?

Around 60–70% of the whole liver can be transplanted if the right lobe is donated, and around 30–40% of the whole liver can be transplanted if the left lobe is donated. The ability of the liver to regenerate in the event of partial removal from the donor body is what makes it special. When a portion of the liver is transplanted, the recipient body also exhibits regeneration.

Liver transplant: Is it a permanent solution?

Liver transplant surgery is the only solution for patients with end-stage liver disease, where the liver no longer performs its function and can’t repair itself. Medication can only help to relieve the symptoms of cirrhosis while the patients are waiting for the donor.

Liver transplant: How long does the surgery takes?

A liver transplant is a significant surgical procedure that takes 8 to 10 hours to complete as it involves performing two procedures simultaneously, one is to remove the recipient’s diseased liver and the other to replace it with the donor’s liver.

Liver transplant: What is its recovery time?

Those who receive a liver transplant generally require three to five months to fully recover, mostly depending on the patient’s immune system.

Liver transplant: What kind of follow-up care is needed during recovery?

You’ll have frequent checkups with your healthcare team as you continue to recover at home. They’ll continue performing routine blood tests to monitor your new liver. After a couple of weeks, you might have your incision stitches removed. After surgery, you’ll start taking several medications, some of which you’ll need to take for the rest of your life. Your medical staff will instruct you on:
  • Taking drugs properly.
  • Taking care of your incision wound.
  • Checking your own pulse and blood pressure.
  • Recognizing your infection symptoms.
  • Identifying the symptoms of organ rejection.
  • When it is important to get in touch with them.

Liver transplant: Can you live a normal life after it?

Yes, with a few precautions, a normal life is achievable. Most individuals who have a liver transplant can resume most of their regular activities and have a decent quality of life. Although you can normally start increasing your activities after a few weeks, recovery may take up to a year. Remember your follow-up appointments with the doctor. Exercise, avoiding alcohol consumption, and maintaining a well-balanced, healthy diet can all help in the recovery process.

Liver Transplant in India

Every year, a huge number of people from all over the world come to India for their liver transplants. India undoubtedly has some of the best hospitals and medical professionals in the world, and it provides high-quality care at a very low price compared to what it would cost in developed nations. And, must say that liver transplant surgery is one area in which India excels. As more and more individuals learn about the advantages of this life-saving treatment, it has been noticed that there have been nearly twice as many liver transplants performed in India as in the last half decade. Liver transplants are growing in popularity in India as the best hospitals here continue to provide top-notch care by their skilled liver transplant surgeons using cutting-edge infrastructure, and that too at a reasonable cost.

Liver transplant: Why do foreigners opt for the surgery in India?

The majority of liver transplant hospitals in India have cutting-edge medical technology and ultra-modern facilities. These hospitals have well-experienced and highly qualified surgeons who treat patients with the utmost attention and the highest standard of medical treatment. The cost of a liver transplant in India is also quite low as compared to the cost of the same procedure in other wealthy countries. These factors influence the majority of foreign patients who choose India for their liver transplant surgery.

Liver transplant: How much does it cost in India?

The cost of liver transplant in India:
  • The starting price for a liver transplant in India is $24,000
  • The usual price of a liver transplant in India is $30,000
  • The highest price that can be charged in India for a liver transplant is up to $45,000
A few variables that could affect the cost of a liver transplant in India include:
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Hospitalization fee
  • Patient’s age
  • Relationship to the liver donor
  • Admission room that you have opted
  • Medical condition of the patient
  • Post-surgical complications
  • Any other lab test or examination test

A note from Super Speciality Care

The liver is one of the most essential organs in your body because it carries out so many complex tasks that no mechanical or medicinal alternative can do. Before it starts to fail, you are unaware that your liver is performing these tasks. Yet, you understand when you start to suffer the symptoms of liver failure. The liver transplant surgery offers hope to the countless numbers of patients on the waiting list. If you’re fortunate enough to receive a liver donation, a transplant could save your life. If you’re searching for liver transplant surgery in India, send us a message right away.

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