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Fontan Surgery For Interventional Treatment Of Congenital Single Ventricle

In some children, congenital heart disease is seen in the form of a single effective ventricle, where there should be two separate ventricular spaces for pumping of the blood. Patients referred for the fontan surgery are supposed to be having certain cardiac defects in such a way that there is absence of valves from the atrium to the ventricles on one or both sides of the heart. This abnormality will lead to the blood flow in one single cavity because the valves are not functional in keeping the fluid in separate chambers. Thereby, the heart chambers appear to be contracting as a single unit, which can be seen either in the left side or the right side of the heart.

What is Fontan Surgery?

Fontan Surgery, also known as Fontan – Kreutzer procedure, has been named from the names of the respective doctors, who devised this palliative surgery. In patients with an effective single heart chamber, where the blood flow is difficult to be maintained, this process can be carried out as a palliative means of shunting blood from the vena cava to those of the large heart arteries, so that the ventricles do not receive the load of the blood from different parts of the body. In technical terms, this is a surgery done to move the blood from the left side of the heart coming from vena cava and left atrium towards the pulmonary artery. This lets the blood flow directly into the lungs and the right atrium without passing through the left ventricle. Such a surgical procedure is to be undertaken when the valve in between the atrium and ventricle is absent or atretic, thereby converting the two chambers into one. This can be seen in the right part of the heart or in the left side.

Fontan Surgery In India

Why Fontan Surgery is required

Both the cases of hypoplastic right heart and left heart syndrome are very serious congenital conditions. In such a scenario, where bilateral repair of the valves may pose danger to the health of the child, or it is impossible to conduct the surgeries, Fontan surgery is the proper methodology to adopt. If the left side is affected, Norwood surgery is done to restore the inadequate blood supply to the lungs or increased supply. Fontan surgery in India can be undertaken if the pressure along the pulmonary arteries is low, provided the age of the affected child is more than 2 years. It is simply a method of decompensating the pressure in the ventricles.

Different types of Fontan surgery

Primarily, Fontan surgery in cardiology includes the process as described by Fonton and Kreutzer, which is the arterial pulmonary shunt. But, later on, certain modifications were done such as lateral tunnel, namely the intracardiac and extracardiac total cavopulmonary connection.

Procedure of Fontan Surgery and its benefits

There can be different stages in which the Fontan surgery in India is actually defined for children. It is supposedly done in the simplest form of shunting the blood from vena cava and atrium directly into the lungs, as defined by Fontan initially. There are two types of processes, the internal conduit and the external Fontan.

In the internal Fontan procedure, there is a wall created in the right chamber, and connected to the pulmonary arteries. While this process may be a relief for the ventricle from contracting, it may also put more pressure on the lungs, thereby increasing the possibility of pulmonary congestion and hypertension. Gradually though, the child has adjustment of the blood flow and can be physically more active, with a better quality of life index.

For the external conduit procedure, there is an artificial pathway created for the blood to bypass the heart and reach the lungs directly. So, any unwanted pressure over the heart is avoided, so that there can be plenty of rest for the ventricles. In the long run, the heart muscle and mechanics are still maintained. Therefore, in the procedures of Fontan surgery by surgeons in India, the target is to stop the undue pressure on the already decompensated heart, wherein the cardiac work is reduced.

Apart from the typical Fontan procedure for cardiac congenital diseases, other surgeries are also indicated for the problem of single effective ventricles, although these may be risky for the children.

Procedure of Fontan Surgery and its benefits

Fontan Surgery in India

When it comes to getting top-notch medical care, many people think of India as a go-to destination. And for good reason: the country has some of the best hospitals and doctors in the world. But what about surgery? Can you get good quality surgery in India?

Well the answer is yes. India has become a top destination for patients seeking Fontan surgery. This is due to the high quality of care and low cost of treatment.

There are many reasons why patients choose to have Fontan surgery in India. The first reason is the high quality of care. Indian hospitals are world-renowned for their excellence in medical care. They offer state-of-the-art facilities and experienced surgeons who can provide the best possible care for patients.

The second reason is the low cost of treatment. Fontan surgery in India is much cheaper than in other developed countries. This makes it an affordable option for many patients who would otherwise be unable to afford the procedure.

Lastly, the relaxed atmosphere in India makes it an ideal place to recover from surgery. Patients can enjoy the country’s beautiful scenery and culture while they recuperate. Contact us to know the cost of fontan surgery in India.

Improvement expected after completion of Fortan Surgery

In recent times, it has been seen that a larger surgery is done electively, with primary concerns of important advantages for the patients. If the child responds well, there will be significant improvements, especially with the complaints of the patient.

  • After the operation, the kids are required to stay over at the hospital for observation, for a few days before they can go back to home.
  • Improved physical activity is a common finding, while the other muscular features become prominent.
  • The kids are successfully seen to be popularly playing games and studying.
  • Control of the heart’s activities can be done after the Fontan surgery in cardiothoracic surgery, because people tend to adjust first, so that there is improved understanding of the matters at hand.

Fortan surgery is one of the best options for children when they develop such a medical complication and the success rate is quite high in such surgeries especially in India.

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