Blog > Cardiac care provided by top Indian hospitals is at par with the treatment done at world-class hospitals of western world
Cardiac care provided by top Indian hospitals is at par with the treatment done at world-class hospitals of western world

Cardiac care provided by top Indian hospitals is at par with the treatment done at world-class hospitals of western world

Indian healthcare system has gained immense recognition in the last few years, owing to the regular upgradation of infrastructure, equipment and also the clinical knowledge. Increased demand of heart care in India is a true example of this scenario. Our clinical team comprises of world-renowned top heart surgeon in India who solely aim at providing you exceptional cardiac care. Extensive research work done at best heart hospital in India helps in accurate diagnosis and high-quality treatment.

Heart Care in India is also popular because of the cost-effectiveness and professionalism with which we handle patients here. Not only medical facilities but our support services are also exceptional. We are available round-the-clock for assistance during your stay in India. Each of our best heart surgeon in India is adept in handling most complex cardiac cases. They also provide detailed counselling and discuss treatment plan with patient and family before scheduling the surgery. Regular medical updates are also provided during the course of treatment.

Mentioned below is the list of services related to treatment of cardiac diseases:

  • Besides the basic tests like blood investigations, chest x-ray and ECG, we have a wide range of advanced techniques for diagnosing your cardiac ailment. For example – Cardiac MRI, CT scan, 3D echocardiography, Coronary Angiography, etc. Use of high-end equipment operated by skilled technical staff helps in accurate diagnosis.
  • Coronary Angioplasty: Procedure used for widening narrowed or blocked arteries. A tiny balloon is inserted and inflated at the clogged area to help in clearing the path for blood flow.
  • Device Implantation – Problem ofirregular heartbeat is treated by putting a battery-powered device under the skin to help in regulating the heartbeat.
  • Valve Repair/Replacement Surgery – Any of the four heart valves can get diseased due to aging or infection or as a birth defect. These are either repaired or replaced using mechanical or tissue valve. Mechanical valves are made of strong durable material like titanium or carbon. Whereas, tissue valves are made from animal or human tissues.
  • Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting – Surgical intervention in which a bypass is created for treating coronary artery disease. Graft for the same is taken from patient’s own body, either from arms, legs or chest. It is one of the most commonly performed cardiac surgeries in India.
  • Heart Transplant – For patients who suffer from heart failure and need transplant, India is amongst the top choices. Due to the excellent quality of heart care in India, the success rate of heart transplants is quite high. During the procedure, patient’s diseased heart is replaced by a healthy donor heart. The heart is normally donated by someone who is brain-dead but still kept on life support.
  • Paediatric Cardiac Surgeries – Correction of congenital heart defects like ASD, VSD, TOF, PDA, valve disease, etc. has successfully been done by our globally renowned paediatric cardiac surgeons. Surgical interventions for congenital heart defects include – ASD/VSD repair, Coarctation of the aorta repair, Fontan Operation, Ross procedure, Valve repair/replacement, TOF repair, Truncus Arteriosus Repair, etc. And catheterisation interventions include – ASD transcatheter Closure, PDA coil embolization, balloon septostomy, and PFO transcatheter occlusion.
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