Sports Injuries

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Sports Injuries – Introduction

Sports and athletic activities are the best way to stay fit and healthy, but sometimes you may end up getting injured. Such injuries should not be ignored as they require immediate medical attention.

There can be several possible reasons for sports injuries:

  • Pushing or pulling your body too hard
  • Using improper techniques or equipments for exercise
  • Lack of adequate training for performing rigorous activities
  • Not warming up correctly before starting the sports or exercise.

Though knees and ankles, or joint areas are most frequently affected areas, any body part can get injured.

Common symptoms noticed after sports injury are: pain, stiffness, swelling, tenderness, bruising or difficulty in movement. These may be experienced immediately after injury or sometimes even after several hours of playing or performing a particular sports activity or exercise.

Treatment of Sports Injuries In India
Treatment of Sports Injuries In India

Most Common Types of Sports Injuries

Some of the most common types of sports injuries are –

  • Strains – Injury to a muscle where the muscle fibers or tendons tear.
  • Sprains – Injury to the ligaments where the fibers get partial tear or completely torn out.
  • Shin Splints – Pain in the outer part of the lower leg. It is also called Tibial Stress Syndrome.
  • Rupture of the Achilles Tendon – Pain in the back area of leg, near heel.
  • Bone Fracture – High impact sports or exercises and result in fracture of the bones like wrist, ankle, hip, etc.
  • Dislocation of joints – Any injury that moves a joint out of its normal position. It usually occurs due to sudden strain or stress on the joint area.
  • Head injury – Injury to the brain, scalp or skull due to sudden trauma. It can result from head getting hit by any sports equipment or collision of head with any object.
  • Tennis Elbow – It is the swelling of tendons that lead to pain in the arm or elbow. Unlike its name, it doesn’t necessarily occur because of playing tennis, it can happen even if you have never been to a tennis court or played tennis otherwise.
  • Turf Toe – Sprain of the big toe joint that usually occurs due to excessive upward bending of this joint.
  • Workout Injuries – Hurting oneself while performing daily work out.
Most Common Types of Sports Injuries
Most Common Types of Sports Injuries

Most Common Types of Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries Treatment in India

With the increasing popularity of sports, injuries from playing are also on the rise. Fortunately, people across the world are looking for sports injuries treatment in India.

There are many reasons why India is a popular destination for sports injury treatment. First, the country has some of the best hospitals and clinics in the world. Second, Indian doctors are highly skilled and experienced in treating all types of injuries. Third, the cost of sports injuries treatment in India is much lower than in other countries.

People from all over the world come to India for treatment of their sports injuries. The country has become a hub for medical tourism because it offers high-quality treatment at an affordable price. If you are looking for a place to get treated for a sports injury, India is a great option.

Some of the common methods used for treatment of sports injuries are:

PRICE stands for Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. It can be used for minor injuries like mild strains and sprains. It can be done at home as well.

Special techniques like massage and exercises can also help in speedy recovery. Your physiotherapist will help you do specific exercises that will strengthen the affected area and also minimize risks of another injury.

Painkillers, NSAIDs and Corticosteroid injections are also used for providing relief in case of sports injuries. These are given under proper medical supervision in order to avoid side effects.

Cases where the injury is severe, patients may require surgical correction of the injuries like broken or dislocated bones.

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