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Liver Cancer Surgery – Introduction

According to one of the best liver cancer specialists in India, Dr. Kapil Kumar, liver diseases can be best cured if diagnosed at an early stage. You need to know and understand all about this crucial organ before we proceed to talk about the cancer treatment options for it.

Located just under your rib, Liver is known to be the largest organ positioned on the right side of your body. It appears as a wedge-shaped reddish-brown organ having two lobes of unequal shape and size. Liver has many important functions like – making bile that helps in digestion, storage and filtration of blood, transforming sugar into a form that the body can use for energy, and helping your body flush out waste products.

Liver cancer is a cancer which begins in your liver cells and turns into tumors. Liver cancer is classified as – Primary which starts in the liver itself or Secondary which has spread from other body parts to the liver (also called liver metastasis). Liver cancer cases are increasing across the globe. People are in search of the best hospital for liver cancer treatment in India and thus we are here to help.

Common Symptoms of Liver Cancer

Though liver cancer doesn’t exhibit prominent signs & symptoms in the initial stage, you can be watchful of the following and seek immediate medical attention –

Common Symptoms of Liver Cancer

  • Distended liver
  • Excessive weight loss
  • Appetite loss
  • Weakness and feeling of fatigue all the time
  • Change in skin colour (yellowish)
  • Change in colour of stool
  • Fluid accumulation leading to abdominal distension
  • Consistent pain in the upper part of abdomen towards the right side or adjoining the right shoulder blade.

All these symptoms would continue to evolve and get worsened as the tumor continues to grow and the disease advances towards higher stages of cancer.

How is Liver Cancer Diagnosed?

How is Liver Cancer Diagnosed?

There are various tests used for diagnosis of liver cancer. Not all investigations are used for every person. Your treating doctor will decide which diagnostic tests are to be used for your case depending upon – your signs & symptoms, age and overall health conditions, and the results of other earlier medical tests and examinations.

Following are the common options for diagnosing liver cancer –

  • Physical Examination
  • Blood Investigations
  • Ultrasound
  • CT Scan or MRI
  • Angiogram
  • Liver Biopsy
  • Biomarker testing of the tumor

After your diagnostic tests are completed and you get your reports, your doctor will then review them and decide further course of action.

Types of Surgery for Liver Cancer

Types of Surgery for Liver Cancer

There are different types of liver cancer surgeries in India, and the most common ones are hepatectomy and liver transplant. In India, the cost of these surgeries can be very high, so it is important to know which one is right for you.

1. Liver Resection or Partial Hepatectomy
Liver resection or partial hepatectomy is one of the most common liver cancer surgeries in India. The surgery involves removing a part of the liver that is affected by cancer. The remaining part of the liver then grows back to its original size.

The surgery is usually done under general anesthesia, which means you will be asleep during the procedure. The surgeon will make an incision in your abdomen and then remove the part of your liver that contains the tumor. In some cases, a portion of the healthy liver tissue around the tumor is also removed.

After the surgery, you will be taken to a recovery room where you will be closely monitored. You will likely stay in the hospital for several days after the surgery so that your doctor can monitor your progress and make sure there are no complications.

2. Ablation
Ablation is a new and effective liver cancer treatment in India that is becoming increasingly popular in the country. Ablation involves using heat or cold to destroy the cancerous tissue. This treatment is less invasive than traditional surgery, and has a shorter recovery time. It is an ideal treatment option for patients who are not candidates for surgery.

3. Irreversible Electroporation
IRE is the latest and most recent development as far as therapy for treating cancer cells is concerned. This technique uses electrical pulses for damaging the tumor cells and is most suited for patients having tumors smaller than 5 cm in size and are located very close to blood vessels.

4. Liver Transplant
Liver transplant in India is becoming increasingly popular as the country’s best hospitals continue to offer world-class treatment at an affordable price.

The number of liver transplants performed in India has nearly doubled in the past five years, and the trend is expected to continue as more and more people become aware of the benefits of this life-saving procedure.

India’s reputation as a world-class medical destination is growing by leaps and bounds, and liver transplant is one of the many procedures that are driving this growth. With the help of experienced liver transplant surgeons in India and state-of-the-art facilities, Indian hospitals are able to provide world-class treatment at a fraction of the cost of what it would cost in developed countries.

Liver Cancer Surgery In India

Embolization Therapy for Liver Cancer

Embolization therapy is a minimally invasive treatment option for liver cancer. The procedure involves the injection of small particles into the hepatic artery, which supplies blood to the liver. This blocks the flow of blood to the tumor and cuts off its oxygen and nutrient supply, causing it to shrink.

Embolization therapy is typically used in conjunction with other treatments such as surgery or radiation therapy. It can also be used as a palliative treatment to relieve symptoms such as pain or bleeding.

The procedure is generally well tolerated and has a low risk of complications. Side effects may include fever, pain, and nausea. Most side effects resolve on their own within a few days or weeks.

Liver Cancer Surgery in India

Liver cancer surgery is a life-saving procedure for those suffering from the disease. The surgery involves removal of the cancerous part of the liver, and is often combined with chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Liver cancer surgery in India is performed by highly skilled surgeons who have years of experience in treating the disease. The surgery is often successful in removing the cancerous part of the liver, and patients can expect to make a full recovery.

Liver cancer surgery in India is an affordable option for patients who cannot afford treatment in developed countries. The cost of liver surgery in India is a fraction of what it would cost in developed countries, and patients can expect to receive high-quality care.

Know About Living as a Liver Cancer Survivor

For patients undergoing liver cancer treatment, completing the entire course of treatment can be both stressful as well as exciting.You might feel relieved oncompletion of treatment, but simultaneously find it difficult not to get worried about cancer reversal. This is a common fearthat every cancer patient has.

There might be people with liver cancer, whose cancer may never go away entirely, or it may come back in some other body part. Such people may still require regular treatments like chemotherapy sessions, radiation therapy, or the other therapies that help keep the cancer under control for longer times.

Learning to live with liver cancer will not be difficult if you follow all the instructions given by your doctor in right manner.

Embolization Therapy for Liver Cancer

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