Nasal and Sinus Cancer Surgery

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Nasal and Sinus Cancer Surgery – Introduction

Nasal cancer and Sinus cancer is an uncommon cancer which is known to affect your nasal cavity and the sinuses area. Nasal cavity is the space behind our nose, whereas the sinuses are tiny air-filled cavities inside our nose. According to the experts at the best nasal and sinus cancer hospitals in India, exposure to smoke from tobacco and harmful chemicals are the major cause of this cancer.

There are numerous factors that increase the risk of nasal and sinus cancer. Some of these include – working in a place that gives you prolonged exposure to dust from leather, wood, clothing fibres, chromium, nickel, etc., smoking (both active and passive) and also viruses like HPV that affect the moist areas of our skin.

Nasal and Sinus Cancer Surgery In India

Symptoms of Nasal and Sinus Cancer

Following are the typical symptoms that may remain for prolonged periods giving you indications to get yourself examined by one of the best doctors in India for nasal and sinus cancer treatment, Dr. Rana Patir.

  • Pain and bleeding from the nasal opening
  • Difficulty in opening mouth
  • Nasal congestion that doesn’t get relieved by blowing nose
  • Loss of taste and smell
  • Numbness and swelling in the face
  • Repeated ear infections
  • Other problems like difficulty in hearing and blurred vision

Symptoms of Nasal and Sinus Cancer

Diagnosis of Nasal and Sinus Cancer

Your doctor will advise following tests in order to confirm if your symptoms are due to onset of nasal and sinus tumor growth

  • Physical examination with the help of a small fiber-optic scope that aids in seeing the inside of sinuses and nasal cavity.
  • Imaging tests like CT/MRI or PET CT to rule out the exact condition of the tumor.
  • Biopsy with the help of an endoscope. The tissue sample is examined by pathologist to find out if it is cancerous or non-cancerous.

Stages of Nasal and Sinus Cancer

  • Once your diagnosis comes positive for nasal cancer, your doctor will now try to rule out if it has spread to other areas.If yes, then how far it has spread. This process is known as staging.
  • The stage of a cancer defines up to what extent it is available in the body. It also helps in determining the seriousness of cancer and thus devising the best plan for treating it.
    • The earliest stage of nasal and sinus cancer is stage 0. It is also known as carcinoma in situ (CIS).
    • The other stages are ranging from I to IV.
    • Some stages are divided further into A, B, etc. As a rule, it is known that the lower the number, the lesser the extent to which cancer has spread.
    • A higher stage such as stage IV, depicts that cancer has spread more. Also, within a stage, an earlier letter would mean a lower stage cancer.
    • Though each individual’s cancer experience is different, cancers with similar stages are found to have a similar consequence and are often treated in similar ways.

Stages of Nasal and Sinus Cancer

Nasal and Sinus Cancer Treatment in India

Your doctor will plan your treatment line depending upon the stage and extent to which cancer has spread. Your general health conditions, family history and age are also important factors considered before creating a treatment plan.

Let us study about the most common treatment options suggested and followed by the best hospitals in India for nasal and sinus cancer

Nasal and Sinus Cancer Surgery in India

If your nasal tumor is small in size, it can easily be removed by your doctor with the help of an endoscope by using a minimally invasive approach. In case your tumor has spread into the eye, cheek, eye, nerves, brain or other crucial areas in the skull, your surgeon will use an open surgical approach for removing the tumor.

The best nasal and sinus cancer specialists in India are experts in both the endoscopic as well as open surgical treatment approach of these cancers.

Nasal and Sinus cancer surgery in India

Radiation Therapy for Nasal and Sinus Cancer

Radiation therapy uses high-energy radiation for killing the cancerous cells. It also helps in shrinking tumors prior to surgical intervention, or even destroying small segments of tumour that are usually left out after surgery.

Chemotherapy for Nasal and Sinus Cancer

During chemotherapy for treatment of nasal and sinus cancer, your oncologist will use drugs that help in shrinking or slowing down the growth of tumour, or they may also be used for reducing the risk of the cancer recurrence after surgery.

Most importantly, if you are a smoker, you should quit smoking before your nasal and sinus cancer treatment in India begins. Otherwise, your treatment would not be fully effective and you may tend to have side effects as well. Quitting smoking will also increase your chances of longer survival after the treatment.

Once your treatment gets completed, it is very important to understand and follow the post treatment instructions carefully so that recurrence of nasal and sinus cancer can be avoided.

Be watchful of any old symptoms and go for follow up visits to your doctor on time. During your visits, your doctor will ask you if you are having any problems. If yes, you might be asked to undergo a few tests likelab tests, endoscopy and imaging tests in order to look for signs of the cancer recurrence, or possible side effects of the treatment.

Outcome for Treatment for Nasal and Sinus Cancer

The outcome of above treatment modules varies depending upon several factors like – type of nasal and sinus cancer you are suffering from, precise location of tumor, how far it has spread within the nasal cavity of other areas of the body, and also your overall health condition and fitness.

In terms of survival rate, if your cancer is positioned only in the nasal cavity or sinus area, the 5-year survival rate is seen to be 82%. If it has spread to adjacent tissues or organs then the 5-year survival chances become around 52%. If your cancer has distantly spread to other body areas then the 5-year survival rate is 43%.

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Outcome for Treatment for Nasal and Sinus Cancer

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